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Why U-pick?

Multiple Advantages


Have you ever bought produce at the Farmer’s Market or the grocery store and had it spoil in a few days? When fruit is picked, it generally holds a fresh appearance for a few days and then spoils rapidly. Peaches at Farmer's Markets and grocery stores can be picked as early as 7 weeks before you buy them. They are picked long before they are ripe and are kept at extremely cold temperatures. This makes it difficult to truly know how old the fruit is that you are buying. When you pick your own fruit at J&K Farley Farms, you know you are giving your family the freshest fruit you can get.

Ripe and Flavorful

We have all bought beautiful fruit at the store only to be terribly disappointed when we got home and found it had no flavor. This is because truly ripe fruit is difficult to pick and package on a large scale. If a farmer picks ripe fruit, it often will spoil in the days or weeks it takes to make it to your grocery store or farmer’s market. For this reason, much of the fruit that has traveled to your stores and farmer’s markets was picked before it was truly ripe. When you pick your own fruit at J&K Farley Farms, we encourage you to do plenty of tasting as you pick. You will be picking beautiful fruit that is bursting with flavor! Fruit isn’t meant to be just a decoration on your table, and it won’t be when you get it from J&K Farley Farms.


J&K Farley Farms is not a certified organic farm for the simple reason that we are so small we are not required to be certified. However, we strictly follow organic practices on all our tree fruit. Our grapes are still conventionally grown. We live on our farm, work on our farm, and eat the fruit from our farm all year. For these reasons, we use the cleanest, most natural means of farming in the safest ways possible. Our fruit is grown with care and concern for our and your health. What you buy from our farm is what we live among and consume ourselves.

When you buy fruit from a grocery store or a Farmer's Market, fruit is often treated with pesticides and fungicides immediately after packing and kept in cold storage to help it have a longer shelf life. It is true that grapes and peaches purchased from a grocery store will last longer due to this practice, but wouldn’t you rather pick it yourself and avoid the additional chemicals put directly on your fruit?


Who Picked it?

Imagine the hands that handle your fruit between the time the farmer grows it and you eat it. Do you rinse your fruit or actually wash it? When you buy your fruit from a store, it is handled when it is picked, again when it is sorted, again when it is packed, again when it is shipped, again when it is stocked on the shelves, and again when the clerk rings you up and puts it in a bag. Would you let all those people walk into your house and stick their hands in your spaghetti? Fruit doesn’t have packaging to keep it safe from all these points of contamination. When you pick your fruit on J&K Farley Farms, you know exactly where you fruit has been and you are the only person to handle it.


With increased urbanization, our society is losing touch with the origin of the foods they consume. J&K Farley Farms is a unique opportunity to bring you and your family right to the heart of agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. Our farm is an actual working farm that allows you full access.


Picking your own fruit is a very enjoyable experience. If one had to do it for 10 hours a day every day, it would quickly lose its novelty. However, most of our customers leave the farm wishing they could spend more time picking fruit. Finding that perfect bunch of grapes or beautiful peach is like a delicious treasure hunt!