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U-Pick Grapes and Peaches on Labor Day MONDAY! POSSIBLY THE LAST DAY OF U-PICK 2015! We will be open ONLY MONDAY, Labor Day, September 7, 2015 with organically grown August Flame Peaches and conventionally grown Red Flame and Thompson Seedless Grapes! The peaches are just ripening and are crispy and flavorful. The Red Flame and Thompson Seedless Grapes are nearing the end of their season and picking is selective. We expect to sell out of peaches during the morning as many of our guests make the final trip to the farm for the year. As always, ALL produce is only 85 cents per pound and boxes and wagons are provided for free. Come see what all the excitement is about; U-Pick fruit is the freshest, tastiest, healthiest fruit you can get! If you would like to make raisins with your freshly picked grapes, we will be happy to provide you with FREE paper drying trays. Simply set your grapes on the trays in direct sun for 7-14 days and you'll have your own delicious raisins straight from the farm! Feel free to visit the farm animals and relax in the shady park. We will close at 2:00pm on Labor Day and possibly not open again until May 2016! We hope to see you on Labor Day!

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