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How to Pick
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How to Pick

Learn how to pick produce

When you come out to J&K Farley Farms, everything you need to pick your fruit will be provided to you free of charge. Every customer is welcome to a box and cart to take out to the field. For the grapes and cucumbers, clippers are available. All other fruit is best harvested by hand.

Pick Thompson Seedless or Red Flame

pick grapes

Select the bunch of grapes you desire. Make sure to taste before you pick! Some bunches are sweeter than others, especially early in the season. Gently hold the bunch in your hand while you make a single clip at the top of the bunch with the other hand. Clip off any undesirable grapes from your bunch and lay the bunch carefully into your box.

Pick Peaches

pick peaches

Look for a brightly colored peach that is the right size for you. Inspect it before picking to make sure it doesn’t have any blemishes. Grasp the peach gently and twist with your wrist while pulling on the peach. Now that you’ve picked it, make sure to lay it softly in your box so it doesn’t bruise.


pick plums

Choose a deep purple plum. Make sure the skin is stretched smooth and doesn’t have any dimples. This tells you that the plum has ripened. Twist the plum as you gently pull on it. Plums are easy to pull off the tree and even easier to eat!

Pick Tomatoes

pick tomato

We offer two different varieties of fresh eating tomatoes – one with medium size fruit (early girl) and another with large fruit (Better Boy). We have also begun to offer the Amish Paste tomato that is primarily used for paste and sauces.

Pick Apricots

pick apricot

Look for a large, colorful apricot. Pick one to make sure the flavor is there. Once you’ve found the tree that has the best fruit, stick with that one. Different apricot trees ripen at different times, but all the fruit on one tree generally is ready at the same time.

Pick Armenian Cucumbers

pick armenian cucumber

These are best picked when they are 7 inches or smaller. Pick these towards the end of your visit as they require special care. Store in a cool location in a Ziploc bag, otherwise they will not last long.

Okra | Eggplant | Bell Peppers | Jalapenos

pick other

Okra, Eggplant, Bell Peppers, and Jalapenos are being offered this year on a trial basis. Please let us know how you like them!